Orenco Property Management is a full service vendor.  We are the go-to experts for local realty investments.  Orenco Realty is a well know community investor to answer all home grown realty questions. Jim Rostel, Principal Broker, is your Orenco Station neighborhood expert.


Building Wealth Through Real Estate 

Jim Rostel works with clients through each phase of the investment life-cycle, specializing in the acquisition, finance, and disposition of residential investment properties. Focusing on the Portland metropolitan area, particular attention is placed on the economic and demographic fundamentals of the various types of residential investment properties. As a client of the Jim Rostel you will enjoy a distinct advantage in achieving your Real Estate investment goals. 



Jim Rostel works with you to establish a unique and specific investment criteria that allows you to target properties that align with your goals. Once a property has been identified, Jim uses his extensive market knowledge to help devise an acquisition strategy that encompasses valuation, a pro forma of annual property operating data and an offer structure that will provide a sound foundation for your purchase. 



Establishing a sound financial foundation is essential to a successful investment. Jim has built solid relationships with mortgage brokers that will take the time to understand your goals and help devise a strategy to help achieve your desired results. 



A sound exit strategy is essential in maximizing the potential of an investment. Jim will help you measure rates of return based on actual and pro forma data and guide you in determining a solid timing strategy for disposition of your investment. Jim works with investors from all financial backgrounds, and all levels of experience. If this is your first real estate investment, allow Jim to identify your needs and goals, and find the right investment mix to get you started. If you are an experienced investor with a portfolio of properties, you will appreciate Jim's market knowledge and expert analysis. To learn more about Residential Investment Real Estate call Jim today on his direct line.


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